Unionistas de Salamanca FC is a young football club, born as a tribute to Unión Deportiva Salamanca, the most important team of the city until its disappearance in 2013 due to economic difficulties.

At that moment, a group of UDS supporters decided to start this new project to keep its memory alive under a few simple principles: the new team would not try to pass itself off as the former team, it would be ruled by the precept “one member, one vote” and the most important decisions would be taken democratically.

Unionistas de Salamanca started to compete at the lowest division – “Primera Provincial”. That first season (2014/15) it gained promotion to the next category and reached the amount of 2.000 members, who democratically chose the kit colors, crest and anthem.

USCF played in the “Primera Regional” division the next year (2015/16) and it turn out to be a complete success: Unionistas won the championship without losing one single match.
In the 2016/17 season, Unionistas played for the first time in the "Tercera División" - a national category - reaching the third place and getting classified for the play-off to promote to the next level: Segunda División B. Unfortunately, USCF was left out in second round. 

Nowadays, in the fourth season of the club (2017/18), we play again in Third Division. Our supporters are the most numerous of the group: the ambience is joyful and spectacular in the matches at home and every time the team plays away, dozens of supporters take that with the team to wherever field they play. The friendliness, the cheerful mood and the endless animation are the distinguishing feature of the USFC Fans.

Being a member of Unionistas gives you the right of voting and making decisions about the club, grants you access to “Las Pistas del Helmántico” whenever the team plays at home and allows you to take advantage of the special offers from our many varied sponsors.

Get on train of Unionistas de Salamanca!

Anyone who would like to receive more detailed information about Unionistas de Salamanca should contact info@unionistascf.comFacebook and Twitter.


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